It has been a trend for people to grow taller and taller during the evolution. When people get taller, they will need more energy, food and space. Since the human population is growing in numbers as well, this will lead to problems since we have only one earth to live on. The Incredible Shrinking Man is a speculative design research by Arne Hendrix about the consequences of downsizing the human body till 50 centimeters high.

When body increases in height and retains its geometric similarity, its volume and weight increase much faster. An increase in human height of 20% equals an increase in body mass of 73%. This also works the other way around. Hence, the Incredible Shrinking man will only weight about 2 kilograms and will only need 2% of the resources that one human being uses now. One house can be made into a flat and a chicken becomes an ostrich!

Our fantasy shapes the future!

The Incredible Shrinking Man by Arne Hendriks

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