A delicious Montepulciano in only 6 seconds? This is now possible with the universal Nano wine. All you need is a microwave oven.

In 5,64 seconds at 1000 watt you have a sublime Romanée-Conti. Or create a surprisingly young Mouton-Rothschild 1945 in only 2,34 seconds at 650 watt. The possibilities are endless. The wine contains millions of nano capsules which depending on your mood and taste preferences can be activated by microwaves. Inactivated nano capsules move unnoticed through the body, while the opened capsules alter the taste, smell and color of the wine. Sweet!

The Nano Wine is a speculative product from our Nano Supermarket, this (real) Merlot is imbued with (fake) nanoparticles and a (real) placebo. But mind you: the technology enabling these kinds of programmable food is being developed as we speak by the german processed-food company Kraft and a group of research laboratories. But until this is a reality, the Nano Wine is a delicious way to get high-tech discussions started around the dinner table. In vino, futurum!

From the back of the bottle:

“This wine contains millions of nano-capsules that, depending on your mood and taste preferences, can be opened with microwaves.  Opened nano-capsules move through your body unnoticed, while the opened ones alter the taste, smell, and color of the wine.  Open the vanilla capsules if you are in an Australian mood.  Feel more like Syrah? Open the oak and pepper capsules. Truffle brings on an Italian mood. For a smooth Merlot, you don’t have to do anything.”

The Nano Wine is for sale in the NANO Supermarket and in our online store.

Each bottle is shipped in a padded box. Please note the Nano Wine is only available in English.

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