Children can be effortlessly entertained for hours thanks to tablet and smartphone games, but these technologies also provide a solution for the lazy pet owner.

More videos of perplexed pets after the jump.

Does the game market have a new target group to focus on?

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  • Hi Sebastian, thanks for the link! An interesting read.

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  • Hello! Take a look here this interview to George Dvorsky: On video-gaming pets, the future of nonhuman animals, and cultural uplift.

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  • Looks like the toad displayed the highest common sense reaction of all the living creatures in the videos, including the owners. It has to be very frustrating when something that moves like an ant, quacks like an ant (sort of) gets within a ridiculously easy range, make no effort whatsoever to hide... and everything seems to fit reality except the stupid insect will not end in your mouth but is incomprehensibly splashed instead. The certainty of a continuous stream of kamikaze ants has to be triggering digestive fluids and who knows what else bodily changes that happen when entering the "feast" mode. And certainly one could not say that biting the damn owner is a genetically programmed reaction to being confronted by a bunch of kamikaze ants in full retina goodness. If toads have many reasons to believe that smartphones are just a waste of time or, even worse, the way to total insanity, I'll take their word for it.

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