Our urge to share everything – photos, food, video games scores – is blurring the line between reality and digital life. Looking at the human history of sharing experiences, it’s highly likely that this line will totally disappear in the near future.

First we shared our experiences by drawings and stories, later on we developed writing to share our stories. The way of sharing our experiences became even easier with the invention of the telephone, photography and film. Tools we use to share moments of ours lives with others. Even distance couldn’t no longer withhold us of sharing images and written stories, thanks the introduction of the Internet.

In time the need to see other persons in a physical way became less important. Why should we meet in a physical way? To see the response off the person you share your story with? With Skype we can see the other person real-time worldwide. In the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 we are even going to take it to the next level, when Sony will release it’s next flagship; the PS4. The console will constantly record the last 15 minutes of gameplay, waiting for the player to press the dedicated Facebook “share button” on theDualShock 4 controller. The dedicated share button in the PS4 is a symptom of a society that assumes that our actions aren't "real" unless shared on social media.

With Google Glass we can share our experiences instantly on social media: “Share what you see. Live”, a quote published on the Google Glass site. When will the moment emerge that we no longer feel the need to meet in a physical way? Physical contact is at this moment still a reason to meet physically, but looking at the course of history it seems to be only a matter of time before even that problem is solved.

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