Do you remember the invisible headphone implants directly grafted in the ears? Nowadays it seems everyone can become a DIY cyborg. The latest experiment in body modification was made by the biohacker Tim Cannon. Without any medical assistance he implanted directly under the skin of his arm a clearly visible computer chip that can record and transmit his biometrical data.

The device, called the Circadia 1.0, records information such as body temperature and transmits it via Bluetooth or an internet connection to any Android mobile device.

It’s only a beginning, although updates are on the way. As Cannon explains in an interview: “I think that our environment should listen more accurately and more intuitively to what’s happening in our body. So if, for example, I’ve had a stressful day, the Circadia will communicate that to my house and will prepare a nice relaxing atmosphere for when I get home: dim the lights, let in a hot bath.

He also declared that his end goal is to transcend the boundaries of biology, and try to hack evolution itself. Cannon's ambitious experiment saves him a ringside seat in the realm of augmented bodies.

Source: Motherboard

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