“Enjoy your food. Then put the seeds from under the label with gravel to the bowl and let it grow. After a week, plant bowl with an herb to the ground. The bowl will degrade and you can grow up your own herb”. This is the challenge of Michal Marko, design student at Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic.

Aware of food packaging wastefulness and pushed by the desire to make society aware of the topic, Marko designed Disposable Food Bowl: a 100% biodegradable food bowl that comes with seeds under the label.

Do you remember the Cigarette Filter that Sprouts Flowers? The same notion might have influenced Marko, as his goal is to create a product with minimum environmental impact and to teach society about new biodegradable materials.

If fast food or take-away restaurants would use these kind of boxes, people might change their viewpoints on the effects of plastic and paper overproduction and drastically reduce consumption. It's simple, like the slogan chosen by Marko: “Eat your food. Grow a plant. Save a planet”.

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