So you might have heard about the Technological Singularity, but did you ever wonder what happens after the fact? Black Sky thinking is a term that is being developed to shape an approach for dealing with unfamiliar territories – both real and conceptual.

Black Sky thinking seeks to understand more about our situation without prejudging or even needing to know the future. It travels into the unknown, not as a reckless gesture but as a creative act, so that we may envision the world we wish to inhabit. This does not mean that anything goes, but rather, signals a fresh exploration of things we thought we knew, so that we can look and imagine afresh.

If you think Black Sky thinking is your cup of tea, you might consider joining in on the Black Sky thinking prize, an annual award created and distributed by Rachel Armstrong at the Starship Congress. The prize will be launched in 2014. It acknowledges the pioneers of next generation intersteller travel.

For more information on the prize and Icarus Interstellar, warp here. or here.

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