Two lights that act and react like autonomous creatures: this is Species of Illumination, the graduation project of Bob de Graaf, a recent graduate of the Design Academy of Eindhoven.

He designed two lively lights able to recognize movements and roll independently across the house on their wheels, looking for dark corners or attention. De Graaf gave them each one its own name: Wallace, which responds to changes in light intensity in its environment and brings light to the darkest corners, and Darwin, which searches for sunlight to charge its battery during the daytime, and in the evening wanders around the house, ‘accompanying’ the owner with its light.

The lamps interact with humans and behave as if they were domesticated animals. According to their creator, the communication and the relationship with the lights could influence the way we feel, contributing to our well being, just like our beloved pets do. Is this the ‘natural’ evolution of lamps?

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  • this could be very effective as an 'anti-wank' light for use in Seminaries and for parents with teenage boys.

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  • This is such an interesting concept. I never would have thought of such an interactive lamp.

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