Thirty years after the first Walkman, Sony is trying to put something else on our head. Sony’s engineers have designed a new form of wearable tech: the Smart Wig, with embedded rumble technology to tap the wearer on the scalp when they get a message. The hairpiece incorporates sensors, a communication interface and an actuator for tactile feedback.

The Smart Wig would be tethered to a partner device, which would then tell the wig to vibrate whenever there’s something actionable going on with the smartphone. Sony suggests that there could also be a camera, a GPS, an ultrasound-based proximity scanner and a laser pointer incorporated into the Smart Wig.

Will this cyber wig be useful or will it just make us look ridiculous? We guess that the phrase “it makes me want to tear my hair out” will assume a whole new meaning.

Source: Engadget

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