Underwater malls with transparent walls and spectacular undersea views, recreational green spaces below the surface of water, floating hotels and submarines connections, buoyant farms and vertical gardens.

Is this a dream for a human size aquarium city? No, Asian architects of AT Design Office has seriously developed a concept for a four square miles ocean metropolis!

"New settlements should be planned in such a manner that important social and environmental conditions are improved and can provide for better 21st century living".

The Floating City is completely self-sufficient, the peri-urban area house farms, hatcheries and rubbish collection facilities that allow the community to produce its own food and to disposal waste in a sustainable way.

Using the same technologies to build a 31-mile bridge between the cities of Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai, the Chinese construction firm CCCC commissioned to design a floating island.

Hexagonal and triangular modules are used to tessellate the infrastructure and they are prefabricated in a factory then floated out to a site, tessellating the infrastructure. A system of underground tunnels creates a network of roads and walkways between buildings and islands.

The floating city has a perfect internal and external traffic system with docks for private vessels and cruise docks for giant ships. Main traffic flows are facilitated via water canals above and below the surface. Tunnels creates a civilian submarine traffic of non-polluting electric vehicles.

Natural ventilation and lighting is provided by a chimney in the centre of a vertical garden that connects the public greenery system.

"The Floating City will provide world class facilities, as well as additional supplies of new areas to satisfy the long-term demand for human habitable land. Noise, waste and other environmental impacts will be managed via innovative strategies. Our proposed development and the associated infrastructure will bring positive change to the community and its economy. The design will meet long?term infrastructure and sustainable development needs but also bringing new opportunities to education, recreation, employment and business activities. Such opportunities will create a vibrant, diverse and sustainable social and economic platform."

Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_0 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_9 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_6 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_7 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_5 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_3 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_1 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_2 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_784_4 Floating-city-by-Atdesign_dezeen_11

Source: Dezeen

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