Painter Philip Govedare depicts 21st century landscapes transformed by mining, dredging, and civilization.

His paintings aim to represent the complexity and meanings of the landscapes we inhabit, showing how nature has become a subset of culture.

Govedare documents the human impact on fragile natural environments, using the technique of 19th century landscape painters.

“My current landscape paintings are derived from sites that are both visually compelling and charged with implications of use, development and ownership.

The transformation of land and sky through industry and enterprise may be deliberate, or simply the unintended consequence of the human impact on a fragile environment.” explains the artist on his website.

"My work is both a response to and an interpretation of the world, but it also imparts sentiment through projection that comes from a perspective of anxiety about the condition of landscape and nature in our world today.

I endeavor to create a fictional response to an observed phenomenon, a metaphor that is infused with a blend of celebration, apprehension and doubt about our place in the natural world. In this manner, this work may allude to the past and simultaneously project into the future.”

Welcome in the Anthropocene epoch, in which humanity and its instrumentalities are the most potent and influential geological force.

govedare2 govedare1 Govedare_Black_Lake

Souce: Gizmodo

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