As technology evolves, what today seems science fiction may become the job market of tomorrow. Experts predict that 60% of employments in the next 10 years haven't even been invented yet.

Based on social, technological, economic, and environmental changes occurring today, companies such as Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan (CST) and Sparks & Honey recently conceptualized a series of jobs they think are going to be created or become common in the future. Rewilder, nostalgist, digital death manager, shown below a selection of 11 new professions that you may practice one day.

1. Drone Driver

Drone Driver

Amazon and Domino's had already 'domesticated' this flying creature to deliver their goods.

The American Federal Aviation Agency estimates that by 2018 there will be at least 30,000 drones around the world. Better train people to drive them, drone license needed!

2. Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer

Along with attractive idea of vertical garden by Dickson Despommier, neo-farmers already started cultivating unusual urban spots, as rooftops, buses, or even underground bunkers. Why ship food all the way around the world when it can be grown next door?

3. 3D Food Printer

3D Food Developer

The latest trend of 3D printing is creating a new challenge for chefs and engineers. Food printing demands more and more knowledge about choosing the right edible material to use. The 3D food printer will become specialist in solving problem connected to this soon high demanded product.

4. Garbage Designer

Garbage Designer

Upcycling is becoming a popular way of using garbage as raw material for new creations. The garbage designer transforms trash into new quality products.

6. Rewilder


While some projects such as Rewilding Europe are planning to bring animals back where they disappeared, the rewilder of the future might become handy to restore environmental damages caused by humans to the countryside, ripping apart roads and fences replacing with forests and natural greenery.

7. Nostalgist


The nostalgist is an interior designer specialized in recreating memories for their elderly clients, which rather than retire in a place where everything looks the same, they can revive their favorite decades.

A career that combines design skills with knowledge of a therapist and historical researcher.

8. Augmented Reality Architect

Game Remixer

Able to combine video, audio, images and augmented reality into a unique product, the augmented reality architect is able to create full immersive experiences for marketing campaigns, entertainment industries or as educational tool. Imagine how it might feel like your birthday party in 2030!

9. Telesurgeon


The telesurgeon operates remotely using robotic surgery tools and sensory systems. With a combination of high speed telecommunication technologies he will be able to operate patients in far-off locations.

10. Alternative Currency Speculator

Alternative Currency Speculator

As form of virtual currency are emerging, new money speculator are ready to create opportunities of arbitrage and occasion of investments.

11. Digital Death Manager

Digital Death Manager

Once you pass away, a digital death manager will take care of your digital trace, creating, eliminating or editing content of your virtual presence post mortem.

Sources: Focus, Rediff, Mashable, Business Insider, Futurist Speaker

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