Good news for surfers, divers, snorkelers and other ocean sports lovers! There’s always a chance to come face to face with a shark, especially for Australian surfers.  The last 2 years there have been five fatal sharks’ attacks in Western Australia. Fortunately Hamish Jolly and his team from Shark Attack Mitigation Systems developed a new technology to frighten off sharks.

Sharks use a number of senses to locate their prey, and it’s known that vision is a crucial element in the final stages of the attack. Jolly and his team used this information to develop special patterns that disrupt sharks visual perception so the attack can be diverted or at least delayed.

They created two designs: one is more suitable for surfers, while the other one is more appropriate to divers. There is also an application chart to see which camouflaging design suits best with your favorite water sport. At first sight the designs may look relatively simple, despite that the patterns apply detailed scientific data and combine a number of variables such as color, contrast, shape and size, to achieve maximum effect.

These wetsuits show that if we understand nature we don’t have to harm nature in order to protect ourselves.

Source : SAMS and TED

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