Over the past decades, objects that normally used to surround us became more and more virtual, radically changing the aspect of our workplace.

A team from Harvard Innovation Lab envisioned the impact of technology on our everyday life, creating a metamorphosis of the desktop through the last 35 years. Cluttered worktables full of tangible tools turned into a clean minimal space.

The video shows how vintage items are swallowed one by one over the time, by a central laptop (also mutating), turning everything into computer softwares and applications.

A member of the team explains: "We wanted to illustrate how technology has changed our world, un-cluttering our desks and simplifying our lives. While gradual change from year to year is often hard to perceive, a longer snapshot gives us a much more dramatic view of the technological progression we have experienced."

How much will be left? Actually we have already made the next step: with smartphones and tablet even the desk itself became unnecessary.

Gladly I can still enjoy the flavour and texture of my physical hot coffee while working.

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Sources: Best Reviews, Designboom

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