Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a tiny wireless trackpad that could easily fit on your finger nail. The prototype, named NailO, resembles sticker nail arts used as fashion accessory. The wireless tool allows the user to control any device by running their finger over the trackpad.

NailO was created with the aim of using natural movements to control devices, so that it is easier for users to control their laptops, tablets or mobile phones while their hands are busy with something else. The gadget is fitted with a processor, a sensing chip, a Bluetooth radio and a circuit board, everything housed under the capacitive touchpad.

The set-up of the components make the trackpad a bit thicker than intended, but the team is already working on a chip that would contain all the elements in one body and reduce energy consumption. Watch the video too see how it works:

With the rise of intimate technologies that are more and more closer to our bodies and identities, these devices are predicted to be popular in the future.

Story via ITworld. Image via CNet

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