Analogue versus digital: one is an old-fashioned watch which does nothing more than marking the time, the other is a super modern gadget with the power of a computer. In 1992, decades before the era of wearable technology, Apple produced its first watch: no apps and vintage design.

Few days ago an eBay user blew the dust off his analog Apple wristwatch and listed it for a price way more higher than the price the tech giant company is asking for its new smartwatch.

The item is 23 years old - and we know it takes much less for a technological device to become obsolete - it's great for telling the time, but don't bother trying to check your email. And yet, the old tick-tocker is today on sale for $2,500. A sum five times more expensive than the cost of the brand-new Apple smartwatch basic version, about $500, with all sort of high-tech features.

In Cupertino they have already prepared the deluxe version of the smartwatch: it costs 75,000 dollars and it is adorned with diamonds set on platinum, yellow and rose gold. Nothing to do with the 1992 version!

Recently the Apple Watch became officially available for pre-order and has already surpassed one million units. On the other hand, its old predecessor it’s still unsold.


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Brikk-Watch-Omni-Angled-Trio-1940x1071Source: Mirror

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