As proved by Imogen Heap's music gloves that turn gestures into music, gloves are a very convenient choice clothing for wearable technology. If you are interested in this technology, Francesca Barchiesi's concept, Hand-Tech, might pique your curiosity. Armed with nano-sized devices woven in its fabric, this glove allows the user to translate hand gestures into images, audio or other forms of information.

Special sensors and mini projectors translate precise sequences of movements into different practical functions, such as taking pictures, recording videos, projecting images, displaying 3D holograms, and even translating sign language used by deaf people into sounds.

Hand-tech expands the communicative power of language converting iconic gestures into concrete actions.

Although the project is still in its conceptual phase and technological aspects have yet to be explored, the age of nanotechnology promises us a future where such futuristic technologies might become a reality.

FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_cover FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_glove FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_projection FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_photograph FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_zoom FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_video-recording FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_clock FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_masuring FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_visualisation FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_voice-translator FrancescaBarchiesi_Hand-Tech_data-exchangeStory via Design Taxi. Images via Francesca Barchiesi

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