If you have ever watched Star Wars and wished that you could take part in a so-called “pod race”, get yourself a drone and some FPV goggles and you will get very close to that dream.

Around the world small groups of men gather and start racing their homemade drones on self made parcours.

Every pilot wears a set of goggles that are linked to cameras that are mounted on the front of their drone, allowing the pilot to have a first person view of the race. In this way drones really are becoming an extension of the human body. According to the pilots it really feels like flying, when using these goggles, complete with sensations of nausea from doing barrel rolls and the adrenaline rush from reaching speeds up to 100 mph.

Below is a video Motherboard recently published about such a group of drone fanatics located in the Bronx.

Story via Techtimes

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