Detroit: Car Cultures, Technomythologies, Networked Urbanism, Guided Growth, The City as Organism, Zombie Media, Ruin Porn… It is about time we explore it from a Next Nature perspective. What better way to do this with an exceptional bunch of people in an exceptional two-week program?

From August 1 till 16 2015, Next Nature Network’s art director Hendrik-Jan Grievink will be co-tutor of the GDA Summer Sessions.

The Summer Sessions are a mobile summer school program developed by Graphic Design Arnhem, a BFA program in Graphic Design at ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design (Arnhem, The Netherlands), with an emphasis on design research and digital culture.

Are you a BA/MA student or alumnus in design, architecture, urbanism or related fields and are you interested to know more about design research from a Next Nature perspective? This might definitely be something for you!

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