No more identifications badges, a Swedish office block is taking security to the next level. The hi-tech building implanted a microchip under the employees’ skin, into their hands. The computer chip allows the workers to entry the edifice, open doors and even use the photocopier. Instead of swiping ID, workers will move their hands across scanners able to detect the chip injected into the hand.

The RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips are about the size of a grain of rice and are inserted by a tattooist between the thumb and index finger. The technology have been offered to the 400 people at the Epicenter office block in Sweden, with some more willing than others about having the device implant.

The process is being developed by a Swedish bio-hacking group who think the idea will take off worldwide. They envision more applications for the ID microchip, such as the ability to pay for the bus or buy a sandwich just with a hand gesture.

The goal of the group is to prepare us for a future possibility: "We want to be able to understand this technology before big corporates and big government come to us and say everyone should get chipped - the tax authority chip, the Google or Facebook chip".

Microchips implants and smart digital tattoos, the future will likely bring wearable technology under the skin.

Source: BBC

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