The Humber River Hospital in Toronto, Canada, is the first digital health institution to be operative in North America. With its 656 beds, the structure offers unconventional and leading computerized assistance for all sorts of patients, which consists of a wide combination of comfort and technology.

Among other facilities, the radiology department is really outstanding. It has three robots able to generate perfect X-Rays operations without the need for patients to follow particular instructions, reducing both stress and operational times. In the chemotherapy department the same robots handle the drug administration to patients. They mix, assemble and finally scan the medicines so that every package is secure in order to make sure that the appropriate and legitimate treatment is given to the patients.

The robots will also help the hospital staff by delivering medical appliances and by serving food, again reducing time and costs. The experience is even more interactive for the patients, they will be able to check their medical records and charts on a touchpad. This device will also allow them to keep contacts with other people or be entertained with movies and games.

The hospital is already taking patients and some were already moved from their old sites to this brand new location. This revolutionary project started in 2011, overall the investment costed $1.7 billion and it is in all likelihood leading the way to a new era in medical progress and efficiency. The future seems brighter for hospital organization, with nurses and doctors being able to focus more on real therapeutical issues and less on the structure management.

Source: TechTimes

Image: Humber River Hospital

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