Time ago the NANO Supermarket presented a speculative product called Skin Paper, an innovative paper that grows with the user’s skin cells, breaking the boundaries of the body to create a personal epidermis diary.

Perhaps Tattoo Art Magazine was inspired by this visionary project to create The SkinBook, a sketchbook made of synthetic skin that allows beginner tattooists to practice their skills, before working with clients.

Like learning how to write. The SkinBook gives tattoo artists a canvas on which to practice, with the aim of helping them to get the experience they need, as they create a portfolio.

The realistic look is achieved with the use of a polymer that mimics the texture and feel of human skin, and featuring images of body parts.

Neophytes tattooists will no longer have to worry about the possibility of making permanent mistakes due to the lack of preparation. An original idea that minimizes the risk of fail, this sketchbook is a good news for people – more and more numerous - who want to get a tattoo.


Source: DesigntaxiThanks Marco for the heads-up.

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