Meet Lil Miquela, the Instagram it-girl who has over 80.000 followers obsessing over her existence. She is one of the hottest new faces around and strolls the streets of Los Angeles, visiting art shows and drinking coffee. With her perfect hair, eyes and nails, it appears Miquela is living the perfect life. And just like any other Instagram account, it is unclear when fantasy stops and reality kicks in.

Soon after the model created her account 14 weeks ago, the debate started whether her doll-like features are real or computer generated, or a combination of both. Her feed consists of an endless stream of selfies, to which she gains an average 4.000 likes to each photograph. But the selfies are not enough to prove her existence.

While some say the model is 100% CGI, others say she is really good with Photoshop or makeup. No one is quite sure why Miquela exists, perhaps she is a simulacrum that reflects on portraying beauty in a digital landscape or maybe she is just a marketing scheme. Even though Miquela contains all ingredients to be an art project, it makes people wonder about authenticity and perfection online, and maybe that's just the aim of it.

Source: The Independent. Image: Instagram

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