Human Cloning is one of those issues where technology is racing well ahead of contemporary morals and ethical frameworks. Xu Xiaochun, the chief executive behind the world's biggest cloning factory - Boyalife Group - has stated that at this moment, the technology to clone humans is already available, and that they are refraining from using it for fear of public reaction.

The giant cloning facility is set to open within the next seven months, and they aim to have a yearly output of one million cloned cows per year. Not only that, they are also already looking to clone thoroughbred racehorses as well as police and pet dogs specialized in sniffing and searching. Some people are even willing to pay to bring a deceased pet back to life. But, more notable, is the research that Boyalife is conducting with its South Korean partner Sooam and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are trying to improve the capacity for cloning primates, to create better test animals for disease research. And guess who's a primate too? That's right, we are!

Xu Xiaochun stated: "The technology is already there. If this is allowed, I don't think there are other companies better than Boyalife that make better technology". 

So, maybe, the biological premise that restrains each individual to having half of its genetic material come from a mother and the other half from a father may cease being the only option. A third choice may arise, where the child is one hundred percent either its father or its mother.

Even though we may have many, culturally justified moral problems with the issue of cloning, we can be sure of one thing. With time, they will disappear. Boyalife knows that, and they are simply waiting for that moment. In the same way a computer would have looked like demon magic to one of our paleolithic ancestors, cloning seems so strange and far away to us. But in a future maybe not too far away, it will not - it will be progress. O brave new world, that has such people in 't!

Source: RT

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