It’s that time of year again. The season of gift giving is upon us and to help out those who are struggling to find that perfect gift for that special someone we have brought together a collection of Next Nature inspired gifts. Whether you need something for a family member addicted to tech, or an older eco hippy relative we’ve got you covered. Please enjoy our Next Nature gift guide 2016.

For the Tech Connoisseur: New Mac candlemac_candle

We all know that one apple fan that will do anything to get his/her hands on the latest gear but those new products can be mighty expensive. Luckily this candle is the next best thing by delivering that fresh out-of-the-box Mac smell.

For the Beauty Biologist: Gallinee La Culture06daf50831c51965b159d9066813787e_original

Skincare has never been more alive than with Gallinee. It’s a new beauty brand that focuses on the body’s bacterial ecosystem, the microbiome. By using a combination of prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid their first range of products, aptly called “la culture”, helps restore the skins true balance delivering protected, glowing and healthy skin.

For the Pet Paparazzi: Pooch Selfie16_09_06_POOCH_702_1024x1024

Do you know a dog that needs its social media presence boosted? Is its doggy Instagram account dwindling in popularity? Well it's time to fix that with the Pooch Selfie smartphone attachment. This helps pet owners take better pictures and selfies with their dogs.

For the Coder Kid: LittleBitsphpdxd43p

It’s never too early to start learning or even building your own robots. Littlebits is designed specifically for children aged 8 and up to invent and build their own gadgets from a range of electronic building blocks that simply snap together using magnets.

For the Sustainable Sneakerhead: Adidas Parley388774-e1436216560482

There have been a number of new and more sustainable sneakers launched this year but there is one that stands out above the rest. Adidas teamed up with Parley for the Oceans to create the first sneaker made from plastics that were recovered from the ocean and wow do they look beautiful. Any sneakerhead would be proud to add this to his collection.

For the Day Dreamer: Daydream VR4545

We all daydream now and then, but for those who want to make a carrier out of it the Google Daydream VR headset is definitely the place to start. It is compatible with a number of mobile phones and with an intuitive controller you can escape to anywhere from anywhere.

For the Luxury Pioneer: Autonomous Ariel Vehiclemaxresdefault

Okay this one might be a bit out of the price range but who wouldn’t want a personal flying passenger drone? The autonomous aerial vehicle is a medium to short distance, which is perfect for avoiding those annoying traffic jams.

For the Connected Teenager: Smart Duvetbc583f4bcb9130d_bea3bbdc037d049f5cf69db7f4f806c7

Teenagers can be very difficult to buy for. Who knows what goes on in their growing minds? One thing is at least consistent: they love to sleep but not all of them are fans of making the bed. With this new smart duvet they will never have to again. It does the bed making all by itself!

For the Internet Fashionista: Stock Appareladobe-apparel-7

Stock photos and apparel wear are a match made in heaven. Who doesn’t want to walk around with iconic images of the Internet emblazoned on their jumper. You can pick from a wide range, from the heartwarming “happy senior couple piggybacking at the beach” to the much loved “call centre woman wearing headset”. They have limited stock (no pun intended) so hurry.

For the Coffee Hunter: Goat MugGoat-Story-Alt-Hero

This gift is perfect for the coffee addicted nomad. This stylish coffee mug is a dedication to the goats who discovered coffee way before humans. Using the ergonomic shape of the goat horn also allows it to be carried around wherever you go so you can skip on those wasteful single use coffee cups.

For the Unlucky Biker: Skunklockskunklock

There is nothing worse than returning to the place that you parked your bike only to see a broken lock lying on the floor. That is until the invention of the skunklock. The lock is manufactured from the strongest materials available, but it goes one step further. Inside there is a secret series of chemical compounds so that when the lock is tampered with it lets off a “vomit inducing” odor. Bike thieves beware!

And finally, for the Culinary Crusader: In-Vitro Meat Cookbookkweekvlees-kookboek-2

The In-Vitro Meat Cookbook is a great gift for more adventurous cooks who care about sustainability. It is a visually stunning exploration of the new “food cultures” lab-grown meat might create. The recipes are beautifully illustrated and supplemented with articles, interviews and special features about today’s meat and the meat of tomorrow.

We hope this short guide has helped you on your way to getting the best Next Nature gifts out there. Happy Holidays!


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