Inspired by Konami’s Metal Gear Solid, prosthetic artist Sophie De Oliveria Brata, founder of the Alternative Limb Project, designed a prosthetic arm for an amputee gamer. The unique prosthesis features an interactive screen, a flashlight, a USB port for charging phones and even a drone on the side. Why would you stick to an elbow, a wrist and five fingers if you could make anything?

James Young was a dedicated gamer before he lost his leg and his arm when he fell between two train carriages. But his love for gaming was stronger than his trauma. When he was sufficiently recovered, he grabbed his PlayStation controller and started playing, used his teeth to compensate for his amputated left arm.

James young with flying drone and badass sunglasses

Thanks to Konami, who was looking for an amputee gamer for promotional purposes, he had the opportunity to outfit himself with a rather versatile bionic arm. The £60.000 carbon-fiber limb, manufactured by Open Bionics, is controlled by James' muscular signals. It’s able to shake hands, lift groceries and pick up coins. It’s interesting to see how prosthetics are now being designed with a more imaginative approach. It’s no longer about striving for what was possible with biological limbs, but about the new opportunities technological limbs entail. That implies an interesting question: when will we start to reinvent the general design of the limb?

james young with his prosthetic arm and drone

Source: Futurism. Images: Unilad

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