Our bodies are not designed for a sedentary lifestyle, but in our technology-driven society we spend most of our days sitting down - in front of a computer, commuting to and from work, watching TV in the evening. That's why the latest creation of fashion designer and NNN fellow Pauline van Dongen is made to rehabilitate the body in case of bad posture and it is perfect to wear during office hours.


Called FysioPal, it's a smart top to be worn as an undergarment that works like an augmented skin. It embeds haptic sensors that signal the user's body posture with a vibrating feedback. Through its integrated hardware, the shirt evaluates the position of neck, shoulders and back and sends the collected data to a smartphone app.


FysioPal is especially suited for those people who spend a substantial amount of time in a sedentary position. This smart top puts our physical wellbeing first and gently reminds that is not “natural” to sit in front of a computer screen eight hours a day.


Photography by Wouter le Duc. Via Pauline van Dongen

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