After the long-distance robot surgery and the doctor who used VR to save a baby's life, there is a new breakthrough coming from the operating room: an app, called MDLinking, that connects 8.5 million doctors worldwide.

The creators of the MDLinking app found out that 97% of the Dutch doctors were frequently using WhatsApp to talk about complex procedures with other colleagues. Though, WhatsApp weak privacy policy is in conflict with the professional secrets of the patients. Therefore they developed a communication app with a safe chat function to protect patient information.

The network can only be used by registered doctors and it contains an option to remove all shared data. “The original idea was that if doctors worldwide connect with each other and share knowledge, healthcare will improve on a global level”, says Alec Behrens, one of the founding partners of MDLinking. Where WhatsApp only links you to your personal contacts, the app connects professionals worldwide.

MDLinking wants to be more then a safe chatting app. The app is now also being implemented for educational proposes through virtual reality. Through VR a hole class of students can experience a real live operation without standing in the operation room.

It will not take long until a doctor will diagnose a disease together with his colleague in Egypt, while he is executing a surgery, which is live streamed for a group of Austlian students.

Source: Financieel Dagblad. Image: ARS Technica

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