Being friends with a cartoon character is a common childhood dream that is mostly forgotten in adulthood. Not in Japan! The Land of the Rising Sun always surprises the occidental world. Gatebox is bringing cartoons to reality in a way that seems to wink at the movie Her by Spike Jonze or to this Black Mirror episode. Just take a look at their video to get an idea of what life with a virtual anime assistant would look like.

Azuma Ikaro promises to bring to your house and daily life all the features of Alexa and Google Home packed in the best kawaii from Japan. Equipped with sensors, microphones and connected to your house and the Internet, it pledges to be there whenever you need her. For now only Azuma Ikaro is available, but the universe will expand soon and you will be able to edit or create a virtual companion of your own.

The only question left is if she or he will eventually get bored of our everyday life and go find a better virtual companion. Sayonara!

Source: Gatebox

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