Today's brain doping is called Plato, a neurostimulation device developed to make you more creative. It is a system consisting of a headset with electrodes and a distribution unit, sending electrical micro currents to your brain.

The technique used is called tDCS and until now it has been employed in cases, such as stroke rehabilitation or pilot training. By using your smartphone you’re able to control the headset you’re wearing. It allows you to choose different mindsets in the smartphone app and then get them delivered as neurostimulation in your brain. The mindset you choose puts you then in the right and effective mood to help you solve complex and creative problems. The results are supposed to be noticeable in one single session and the producers promise long term creativity boost with a constant use of the device.

But how is the brain exactly hacked by Plato? The developers explain that neurostimulators like Plato add a micro dose of electricity to the brain, quite like the natural one we already have. This procedure then temporarily changes the type and location of the natural action that is going on in our nutshells. The described process enhances the natural activity we already own and with that puts you on a different level of effectifness.

Who knows, we might soon replace our morning coffee with the Plato headset to get rid of our unproductiveness. The question is: what happens if you’re the one not wearing the creative booster?

Source: Plato. Image: CPHFTW

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