What if your co-worker was a robot? Dutch startup Smart Robotics is a job agency for robots that allows you to hire a smart machine. This new species can learn a variety of tasks and be configured to your needs. Ready to get working?

Robotic employees

Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Smart Robotics offers innovative solutions for the workplace. It's an "employment agency for robots", as strange as this may sound. They provide robots as flexible, temporary workers; machines that can be programmed to perform specific tasks.

The flexibility and smartness of these devices is what sets them apart from regular robots. They can be reconfigured and put to different uses over time. Also, through 3D cameras and advanced sensor technologies, they can navigate and adapt to the environment. Furthermore, their smart software gives them the ability to learn from their mistakes and optimize their performances - just like humans would. The company also provides frequent software updates, so that your robot can stay up to date with the latest advancements to guarantee optimal service.

Another notable feature is that these robots are modular. This means their shape, components and features can be set up according to what is required. Adaptability and flexibility seem to be the most important aspects of Smart Robotics' designs.

The founders of Smart Robotics, Mark Menting and Heico Sandee.

This new kind of "worker" can operate in many different areas, such as assembly line work, product sorting, order picking - and whatever else you may want to program them to do. You can also decide to hire them by the hour to help with particular tasks in busy times for your company.

A new species in town: friend or foe?

Smart Robotics creates automated workplace solutions that can cooperate with humans. Their self-reliance and continuous adaptability bring them a step beyond mere robots - towards what can effectively be called a temporary worker. Below you can see a short video demonstration of the machine operating.

Many claim that workplace automation is a recipe for disaster. And, in truth, it could have its downsides, like unemployment and labour uncertainty. The job market reached a touring point and change can also mean opportunity. What could the positive aspects of this upcoming robotic revolution be? How can these smart-robots make life better?

Smart Robotics sheds light on the idea that these new robots can work like a new species. They can co-exist and cooperate with humans as friends, and allow us to reach previously unknown goals. Rather than tools that can make us obsolete, why not think of the smart-robot as a being with an end in itself?

Forward, not backward!

When humans domesticated horses, both species prospered. Horses were protected and multiplied. Humans gained the ability to travel across tens of thousands of miles in their lifetimes. Before our inter-species cooperation, this was not possible. Could we create a similar relationship with smart robots? What kind of future this symbiosis may bring?

Robotization does not have to be only understood negatively. We must override its more dangerous aspects with new possibilities. By moving forward, we can find new opportunities in automation. Instead of being victims of a future that is yet to come, why don't we create it? Are your ready to work with a robot?

Featured image: Ise Mag


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