Wide icy glacier landscapes, juicy green forests, deep blue lakes, that sounds like an ideal office setting. The reality usually looks quite different. Spaces in the middle of traffic jams, without plants and with artificial lights; that's what we usually get. Even though it is scientifically proven to be everything but productive and balancing. This problem could be solved thanks to an Icelandic company that provides the ideal work environment with the help of virtual reality.

We have come a long way from walking through the savannah to the days when we spend most of our time in gray office buildings, behind a desk. Still, looking at nature has a big impact on the renewal of our cognitive capacity. The app Breakroom immerses you in a computer generated environment simulating those organic worlds, while allowing you to keep on with your working tasks.

A Japanese garden, an ice cave or an autumn forest, within seconds you can travel to your favorite surrounding while working on your Google Sheets.

Source: Newyorker. Image: Uploadvr

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