What if you could upload your fondest memories to the cloud, delete those you don’t want anymore, make a highlight reel of the best days of your life? This is the future that Benedikt Wöppel envisions in“So Happy Together”.

Wöppel’s film takes the form of an advert for Google’s (imaginary) new product: The Mind Uploader G9, a device that allows us to archive, curate, search and delete our memories on a whim. Such a technology would have many implications. It could become a new feature in our daily lives. Nowadays, we do not consider remembering a real activity in our lives; it is something that happens passively. But with a Mind Uploader, we might deliberately schedule time with our memories into our daily routine.1-2 pm: relive childhood. Nevertheless, memory is among the most intimate features of our minds. Many of us would think twice before surrendering it to technology.

If you had a Mind Uploader, what would you do with it? You could dip into happier times when you feel down, or delete anything disturbing or embarrassing in order to feel better about yourself. Such a device could make you happier in your day-to-day life, or it could simply distract you. These are the issues Wöppel’s thought-provoking film brings vividly to life.

Do you forget things you ought to remember, or remember experiences you would like to forget? Would you buy a Mind Uploader if you could?

Credit: So Happy Together by Benedikt Wöppel (DE).

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