We know Donald Trump wants to build a wall: a massive project of 3.100 km to separate Mexico and US. He asked for border wall designs and got something else. Out of over 200 proposals submitted to the Department of Homeland Security, one stands out greatly. A Mexican American design and engineering collective named MADE submitted a beautiful proposal: Otra Nation.

This group of 14 designers, engineers, builders and architects bend Trump’s idea in segregating. In fact, no real borders are planned in their wall project. Rather, they envision a bridge between two countries. Otra Nation requires maintenance effort from both countries in equal measure. It will be used as path for hyperloop high-speed transport system, agriculture and more. With a solar energy powered system and inviting design, it will act as a connector between two countries. MADE calls it "the world’s first continental bi-natural socio-ecotone". Citizens of this new special economic zone would retain citizenship to either the US or Mexico, in addition to gaining a place in Otra Nation; a sort of dual citizenship.

The collective explains the reason behind the proposal: "Mexico and the United States have always prospered when they see each others strengths by working together". They firmly believe that the solution lies in a deeper cooperation from both sides with the newest technology, to bring a future people desire. "Let’s build a future with next century technology" they say, "at the cost of the last".

Source: Otra Nation. Image: NPR.

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