How will your job look like in 2050? Join our design competition Empowered by Robots and share your vision on the job of the future. The winners will become part of HUBOT, the job agency for humans and robots. Here you can only find works where humans and robots have an ultimate collaboration. Need some inspiration? Have a look at our series Robots at Work! In this last episode we present you five jobs for the extraordinary, the ones who won't let themselves be categorized.

ModelPaola AntoniniBecoming a model is not only about being born with the perfect body. In fact, the imperfect body is way more intriguing. A living example is Paola Antonini, a model who is proudly showing her prosthetic leg. It is definitely worth checking out her story and pictures. Prosthetics can be seen as an extra accessory, take the alternative Limb Project or the Disney themed prosthetics for instance. It will not take long before the first bionic model will shine on the cover of Vogue.

Refugee Life GuardThe European immigrants crisis is an inescapable fact. Thousands of people are still trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea hoping for a brighter future. Tragically, many of them never reach the beach and drown. Emily, a lifeguard robot, is here to help saving the lives of many.

Sex workerTechnology always changed the way we experience sex, from the invention of condoms to virtual reality porn. However what would happen if artificial intelligent sex robots take a seat behind the windows of red light districts?

PresidentFrom paper boy to president, this is one of the most used lines about creating your own successes. From motherboard to president is the newest version of the same story. During the latest American elections an artificial intelligent computer, Waston, was also put forward as a candidate. In the past, Watson already defeated two human opponents during a game show. ‘Watson for President’ was obviously a joke, though many of us now wish it was not.

BloggerThis Instagram model has her fans wondering whether she is fake or real.Blogger is a rather recent profession. Though there are already many bloggers on our planet, including myself. We all expect that behind a blog there are real people, posting on various social media. On the Instagram page of Lil Miquela borders between the real and the virtual got blurred. Is she queen photoshop or a rendering? Is she fake for real? At least, I can assure you that I am still a blogger of human flesh.

Top image: Tiempo

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