There’s fear robots will start to take our jobs, but there’s also the perspective of new opportunities emerging. New tasks that no robot can do are already demanded, such as wind turbine technicians, physical-therapy assistants and genetic counselors. At the same time, jobs that requires human-robot collaboration are already a reality: YuMi from the Japanese ABB robot manufacturers is a perfect example. And training it is easier than you think.

This gentle looking robot, that can be easily mistaken for one of wall-e’s friends, is ready to be connected to the Internet of Things. It is so precise that it can thread a needle, but the aspect that makes it great for human-robot collaboration is how it is programmed. You don’t even need to know complex coding, instead, you have to physically guide it through the process just as if you were teaching a child how to write. The robots can even sense the presence of their human colleagues and move safely to avoid any accident.

Stay tuned to discover our upcoming project Hubot, the job agency for people and robots to explore the many ways in which humans and machines can work together. Robots won't just take jobs, they might create them.

Source: ABB

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