To our Chinese friends (and beyond)! From 2 November 2019 to 1 February 2020, we'll be crossing the globe for a large showcase at the OCT Art and Design Gallery in Shenzhen, China. The gallery is a groundbreaking institution that present vanguard works at the cutting edge of design practice—making Next Nature the perfect fit.

Our job agency for humans and robots, HUBOT, the NANO Supermarket that showcases a series products from the future you cannot buy (yet), our in vitro meat restaurant Meat the Future and Habitat VR will transform the gallery into an incubator for radical new ideas and discussions about our future – in which nature and technology are fusing.

From meat flavored ice cream to custom-grown organs, as always, our exhibits will push your boundaries and spark the technology debate. Moreover, a workshop space will be installed where our Pyramid of Technology commands the room. Here, visitors will gain the chance to learn and reflect on the ideas presented inside the exhibition in a constructive manner, and have meaningfull conversations to take home.

Spanning across three floors, this exhibition truly is a Next Nature takeover. We are curious to see what kind of perspectives emerge when our discussion-stimulating scenarios take hold of imaginations 5,745 miles away... 

Stay tuned!

What? Next Nature overview exhibition
When? From 2 November 2019 - 1 February 2020
Where? OCT Art and Design Gallery, Shenzen, China

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