Loneliness is one of the silent serial killers during the pandemic. Therefore Next Nature provides you the tip to pick up your phone. 

Artists Danielle Baskin and Max Hawkin, who stayed in touch over the phone through random calls for the last two years, created QuarantineChat. With QuarantineChat Danielle and Max want to simulate the magic of having a surprise conversation with someone random, as we used to have during a train ride, in a supermarket or in a bar. 

To fight loneliness you can sign-up your phone number and choose the languages you feel comfortable speaking. From that moment on, you can be called by someone with the caller-id “QuarantineChat” at a random time. With the person you are matched, you can talk about anything you want. Next to that it is completely free as the calls happen over the internet through the app Dialup instead of the phone system.

Connect to others all over the world. And who knows, your next lover may just be one call away...

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