Will there still be a supermarket as we know it today in 2050? Will we still be going out for groceries, or will we have everything delivered to our homes? Will we still be eating animal products, exotic produce and sweets, or will we have long since switched to a different diet? During Dutch Design Week 2022 (22-30 October 2022) the Embassy of Food takes you through a world of possible future scenarios.

What if the supermarket could play the role of Lifestyle Coach, where your personal details are used to generate nutritional advice or where you can test the state of your gut flora? What would the supermarket look like if you, the consumer, could grow new products and learn about innovative production methods? Or what if the supermarket was an entity that could make decisions that we can’t or don’t want to make?

Experience the advantages and disadvantages of possible developments and decide what your supermarket of the future should look like.

Embassy of Food – Conference

The program will be moderated by Ruben Baart, head editor of Next Nature.

At the conference we will present the three future scenarios that are on show in the exhibition and discuss them with designers, partners and experts among which: designers Merle Bergers, Nonhuman Nonsense and Malu Lücking, Koen Venema (Professor of Gut Microbiology at Maastricht University), Megan Bloemsma (software engineer at Microsoft) and our partners Elies Lemkes-Straver (regional minister Agriculture and Food), Anita Scholte Op Reimer (VP VP Quality, Product Safety & Sustainability at AH/Ahold Delhaize), Sofia Kuhn (Head of Public Engagement at EIT Food) and Maarten Derksen (Program Manager DOEN Foundation).


09.10 hrs – Walk-in
09.30 hrs – Start program
11.30 hrs – End program

Date & Time 24 Oct 2022 - 09:10 - 11:30

Location: Natlab
Kastanjelaan 500
5616 LZ Eindhoven

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