AI sure knows how to throw a banger of a dinner party. One that guests will never forget - or outlive. When New Zealand grocery store chain PAK’nSAVE introduced their new PAK’nSAVE savey Meal-Bot, customers were surprised when it allowed them to generate recipes with somewhat questionable ingredients - like bleach and ammonia. 

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PAK’nSAVE’s  savey Meal-Bot is meant to become a gifted recipe-brainstorming device to help customers spare a dime on their groceries. By allowing users to pick leftover ingredients from their fridges and pantries, Meal-Bot shares its culinary expertise by generating recipes that prevents unnecessary waste and save some money. Seems pretty nifty, but some customers had different ideas.

The aromatic water mix is a tasty beverage consisting of a mix of bleach, ammonia and water.

 The app seemed to strike a creative nerve by many users, which led to unusual food combinations like the mouth-watering Oreo vegetable stir fry or mosquito-repellent roast potatoes. Less cute was the aromatic water mix, a tasty beverage consisting of a mix of bleach, ammonia and water. The more commonly known name for this 'drink' is chlorine gas. Meal-Bot promoted the recipe as "the ideal nonalcoholic drink to satisfy your thirst and rejuvenate your senses," urging users to serve it cold. However, it forgot to note that inhaling chlorine gas can result in lung damage and even death. 

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Events took an even more grimm turn when a user suggested using human flesh in the leftover mix. According to Meal-Bot, only 500 grams of human meat would suffice for the “mysterious meat stew” recipe it created.

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A PAK’nSAVE spokesman seemed not amused.  “A small minority has tried to use the tool inappropriately and not for its intended purpose” he expressed during an interview with the Guardian.

PAK’nSAVE’s savey Meal-Bot is still online and functioning, but with some alterations: users can only suggest edible ingredients. A warning message is added as well, stating that the recipes are not subject to human evaluation and that the company does not warrant that any recipe will qualify as a well-rounded or appropriate meal for consumption.

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