There is a banana crisis happening right now. Our beloved yellow fruits are being threatened with extinction due to a fungal infection called Panama disease, which can wipe out entire plantations. Dutch startup Neder Banaan is hoping to combat this global threat with their own plantation.

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Bananas, as we know them today, are human-made fruits resulting from thousands of years of selective breeding from wild banana species. This led to the creation of the sweet, seedless varieties we consume today. Wild bananas are green, smaller and full of seeds; not as tasty and edible as its yellow brother.

Wild bananas are green, smaller and full of seeds; not as tasty and edible as its yellow brother

Most commercially grown bananas are sterile, which means they cannot reproduce from seeds. They are cultivated through cloning, using cuttings from existing banana plants. This lack of genetic diversity makes them more susceptible to diseases and pests. If a new disease or pest evolves that can attack these seedless bananas, it could potentially wipe out the entire crop since there isn't a variety of genetic defenses to protect them. And this, with Panama disease, is exactly what is happening in banana plantations all over the world right now.

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Neder Banaan, an initiative based in Ede, is the first and only banana plantation in the Netherlands. Their goal is to research banana cultivation in order to prevent it from being completely wiped out by harmful fungi. Instead of using traditional open-ground framing, they grow their plants in pots with a special substrate to reduce the risk of fungal contamination. Their greenhouse currently houses approximately a hundred plants, and ambitious expansion plans are in the making.

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Every part of the banana plant is utilized to its fullest potential in this project. Cakes, meat substitutes, lingerie, and eco-friendly pallets: the banana plant seems to be as resourceful as it is tasty. This creative reimagining of materials showcases the power of innovation while underscoring the urgency of sustainable agriculture on a global scale. By harnessing waste streams and maximizing the potential of the banana plant, Neder Banaan sets a promising example for the broader agricultural community.

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