Biosequin, seaweed textiles, and microbe sunscreen: these ideas and more are marking the next wave of bio-innovators during the Biofabricate Summit 2024. For the first time it will be hosted in Paris. Here innovators, brands, investors and biodesign enthusiasts will witness the future of grown materials together through showcases, talks and panel discussions.

Photo credit: Biofabricate

Biotechnology and biodesign are not just new phenomena or buzzwords: next time you drink a beer, thank your biotech ancestors. But the recent urgency to address global challenges has definitely sparked a resurgence in the popularity of turning to nature to find solutions. One of the trailblazers of this material revolution is Biofabricate, a platform for collaboration in design and biology.

Biotechnology and biodesign are not just new phenomena or buzzwords: next time you drink a beer, thank your biotech ancestors

Biofabricate was founded in 2014 by biomaterial pioneer and fashion designer Suzanne Lee, who has already been growing microbial materials for fashion since 2003. With her book ‘Fashioning The Future: Tomorrow’s Wardrobe’, in which she wrote about new technologies for fashion and textiles, she paved the way for today's designers and scientists in the field of wearable technology.

Biofabricate founder Suzanne Lee. Photo credit: Biofabricate

The Biofabricate Summit serves as a creative ecosystem that will move us towards the next chapter of our material revolution and defines the evolving landscape of biodesign. This years edition will have a focus on bio-derived ingredients for the beauty industry, next to its already established program focusing on fashion. As the demand for green cosmetics is rising, the beauty industry is working hard to adopt sustainable options in lieu of traditional fossil-based, rare plant or animal ingredients.

Where: Fondation Fiminco, Romainville, Paris
When: 10-12 January 2024
More info & tickets:

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