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5 must see exhibitions in 2023

Delve into digital realms, envision future scenarios, and contemplate on utopian visions of inclusivity and sustainability: these 5 exhibitions scattered around Europe will definitely inspire and excite you during your summer break.


Design Museum Danmark

How will contemporary design define the future? THE FUTURE IS PRESENT grasps the very essence of Danish artistry of material intelligence and contemporary design practices and its impact on shaping our collective destiny. The exhibition's three primary themes, Human, Society and Planet+, encourage you to explore distinct questions, future scenarios and artistic installations. Some will propose practical solutions, while others will delve into speculative ideas. This exhibition will invite you to venture beyond the constraints of the now towards the utopian visions of yesteryears.

When until 31 December 2024

Where Design Museum Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo credit: Universal Everything


Disseny Hub Barcelona

Escape the relentless heat of Barcelona's Llevant Beach by visiting Disseny Hub Barcelona's new exhibition. Digital Impact currently on display, stands as Spain's grandest digital art exhibition. Walk among a realm of real-time digitally reinterpreted light particles, marvel at the data-driven paintings, and have a look at the multi-channel algorithmic installations. This showcase offers an unparalleled occasion to experience art, technology, and innovation, and an opportunity to grasp the profound realization that humans have been technological creatures since their first day as human beings and that they are co-evolving with the technology that they create.

When until 27 August 2023

Where Disseny Hub Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


La Biennale Di Venezia & Biennale Architettura 2023

The 18th International Architecture Exhibition, titled The Laboratory of the Future, views the future through an anthropological lens. According to the Biennale's curator Lesley Lokko, Africa serves as a Laboratory of the Future and the Biennale will be a space for speculating on the discipline's relevance to the present and the world yet to come. They propose that with the aim to reduce carbon emissions in the future we require a drastic shift in mindset, especially towards decolonization. In order to envision a new and inclusive future, we must engage in a global dialogue rather than confining it to the north-western world.

When until 26 November 2023

Where La Biennale Di Venezia & Biennale Architettura 2023, Venice, Italy

Photo Credit: World Architecture
Photo Credit: NXT Museum


NXT Museum

Next destination: Amsterdam. Immerse yourself in an adventure where you will delve into the enigmatic interplay between the fixed boundaries of the physical world and virtual realms. UFO - Unidentified Fluid Other allows you to witness how the transition or shape-shifting occurs between the virtual and the physical and explores the digital existence of humanity. Because in this utopia of boundless possibilities, social constraints and conventional norms are but mere whispers, and binary labels fade into oblivion. Instead, fluidity and diversity emerge, weaving a tale of transcendent identity. Each being metamorphoses into an "other," unfurling new personas or avatars.

When until 3 September 2023

Where? NXT Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


NEW NOW Festival

Once a symbol of raw industrial might, Zeche Zollverein now stands as a testament to the possibilities of repurposing and renewal by hosting the NEW NOW Festival. As one of one Germany's grandest industrial monuments, it stands as silent witnesses to the changing tides of industry and the evolution of societies. With the theme of Hypernatural Forces, the festival delves into the very essence of existence, exploring the dynamic interaction between nature and the digital realm, revealing the emergence of unseen ecosystems, biotopes, and cycles when technology and humanity engage in a coalescence with flora and fauna.

When until 6 August 2023

Where New Now Festival, Essen, Germany

Photo Credit: NEW NOW Festival