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How to teleport sushi

From the primal enchantment of mastering fire to the agricultural revolution: the history of culinary evolution has undergone a number of transformations. Now, the fifth food revolution is getting ready to tease the boundaries of physics: yes, teleportation. The Sushi Teleportation Project is an initiative by Open Meals that combines conventional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the future of food in four simple steps.

Sushi designed in Japan, printed in Texas. This might sound like a wild dream, but actually became a reality during interactive media festival South by Southwest (SXSW) that took place in March 2018 in Austin, Texas. Open Meals, the organization behind this tasty project, aspires to eradicate hunger, preserve culinary traditions, popularize gastronomic artistry, and establish global food accessibility. They even envision sending sushi into space, affording astronauts the luxury of savouring home-cooked meals while being up in the cosmos. The Sushi Teleportation Project aims to redefine the culinary landscape, forging a path into the future of gastronomy. 

Step 1: digitalize sushi

First the sushi is digitalized by capturing detailed data from different angles. Information about the flavour, shape, colour, texture, and nutritional content of the sushi is included as well. By using various prototypes such as taste sensors, 3D scanners, pressure sensors, and nutritional value, data is gathered from all types of different perspectives.

Step 2: built a database

The next step is building a database within the virtual vaults of Food Base, a treasure trove of food data. With this digital platform users become architects of a global feast! Users can contribute, retrieve, and distribute food data on a global scale. This allows the replication and consumption of diverse dishes from anywhere across the world.

Step 3: print sushi

The Pixel Food Printer is a nifty device that materializes dishes through using 'gel pixels' infused with an assortment of flavours, colours, textures, and nutrients. A robotic arm organizes these edible pixels with extraordinary precision. This renders customizable and lifelike food reproductions and breathes life into the wildest culinary fantasies. The gel is the ideal material for food reproduction thanks to its neutral flavour and odour. It also has the ability to maintain the original texture of the sushi and can adapt to different temperatures.

Step 4: explore new horizons

 Behold the final step that sets its sights on the horizons of expansion, thanks to the Social Food Networking Services (SFNS). This is an online platform where culinary boundaries are shattered, and food delivery can even overcome the limits of space and time. This last step envisions a future where food can be teleported to every corner of the world and even beyond! Soon even astronauts in space can enjoy a sushi bento to go.

Watch the concept video here