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Smartphone Movie

Do you feel like you’ve lost a limb when you accidentally leave your phone at home? You are not alone. Research shows that people who are separated from their smartphones can suffer from strong mental effects, and this all happened in less than twenty years. We need to talk about smartphones.

We are living in the Phone Age

The average person unlocks their phones 150 times a day, how natural is that? On a global scale, more than 5 bilion people have access to a mobile phone connection, and over half of these are smartphones. And let’s face it: these numbers continue to grow. We are now living in a world where more people have access to mobile phones than clean toilets. This fact is equally alarming as significant. It’s a sign of our times. We are living in the Phone Age.

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.”

Steve Jobs


SWIPE is a typographic movie about you and your smartphone. It celebrates its impact in a playfull manner. Give yourself a break and reflect with us on the increasingly fast-paced developments in (communication) technology.

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From 1 January 2024, the Dutch government has banned all smartphones from classrooms in the Netherlands, in an attempt to limit distractions during classes. This asks for a training program to guide these kids to critically examine their own smartphone use. That's why we designed an analog rehab game for students (12+ years) that looks like a phone, but is actually a deck of cards.

How to play?

This analog rehab game, developed by Next Nature, challenges young students to think in groups about the impact of the smartphone on their lives, today and in the future. Through playful discussion and interactions, they will develop a critical view on the smartphone and perhaps even imagine life after the smartphone.

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A user manual experience for smartphone users, inspired by the "frequently asked questions", this book presents questions about the smartphone that users might (not) have frequently asked themselves. These questions are not followed by single sentences, but by image collections consisting of internet-found visuals, so that you can keep enjoying being online 24/7, even when there's no wifi.

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A graphic novel to reflect on what it means to co-evolve with smartphones. After all, using our hands as a tools to swipe does something to our body, having access to millions of sources of knowledge does something to our thinking, and being able to continuously interact with your network does something to our identity and autonomy.

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Swipe credits

  • The Movie

    Director Mieke Gerritzen
    Assistant Director Honor Newman
    Graphic Design Thonik, Mieke Gerritzen
    Chat Animations Thonik
    Video Edit Honor Newman
    Sound Design & Edit Marco Vermaas (Studio Vermaas)
    Sound Library Henry Drenth
    Chat Sound Design Ymer Marinus
    Programming App Skye Ewers
    Glossary Text Writing Beau Magdelijns
    Producer Next Nature
    Advisors Ruben Baart, Koert van Mensvoort, Geert Lovink
    Thanks to Laura van den Brink, Eleni Maragkou, Sanne Heijnk, Lucas Zarzoso Hueck, Iris Brugman, Alper Çekinmez, Hester Gersonius, Christian Eckert, Tim Speetjens, Madyan Nassar, Saskia Wesseling
    Supported by NL Film Fund, NL Creative Industries Fund, The Image Society, Next Nature Network

  • The Game

    Concept & Author Arida Bandringa
    Design Lydia Halders, Mieke Gerritzen
    Producer Next Nature

  • Being Online 24/7

    Concept & Author Mieke Gerritzen
    Research & Image Selection Ieva Jakuša
    Design Ieva Jakuša, Mieke Gerritzen
    Glossary Beau Magdelijns
    Editor Ruben Baart
    Producer Next Nature
    Publisher BIS Publishers

  • The Phone Age

    Concept & Author Ruben Baart, Mieke Gerritzen
    Design Mieke Gerritzen
    Producer Next Nature
    Thanks to Geert Lovink, Chloë Arkenbout, Koert van Mensvoort

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