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Blood Sneaker

Bio-leather shoes from slaughterhouse waste

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A Next Nature exclusive, you can now order the Blood Sneaker and it will be custom made for you. Delivery time will be around 8 weeks. The shoes are made entirely by hand in Italy and all according materials are coming from the same region.

In most slaughterhouses, blood is drained into the sewers and waterways, or re-used as a colorant for meat. Inspired by the construction and deconstruction of living subjects in the food industry, designer Shahar Livne developed a new handmade “bio-leather” by using fat and bones driven materials from the waste streams of slaughterhouses in the Netherlands and utilizing the wasted blood as a colorant and a plasticizer.

By realizing the Blood Sneaker, the designer aims to bring more attention to urgent international matters, such as sustainability in different animal-based industries by using nature-given resources, and upcycling leftovers from these industries. Simultaneously making a point for more tolerance, open-minded thinking by raising fascination, curiosity, highlighting the wasteful and disrespectful treatment of animals and natural resources.

Designer: Shahar Livne in collaboration with nat-2™

Visual of Blood Sneaker