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Signalproof Coat

Blocks radiation from your body

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A Next Nature exclusive, you can now order the unisex signalproof coat (+ free hood) and it will be custom made for you. Delivery time will be around 6 weeks.

Homo sapiens have survived the Ice Age thanks to wearing animal fur as coats — similar to modern-day Parka jackets.

Over time, little has changed. As we are so used to wear clothes that protect us from the natural elements (like wind and rain), today we contend with nextnatural forces. Now that the biosphere and technosphere are merging, we need outerwear that caters for all types of climate; from rain clouds to virtual clouds, tidal waves to electromagnetic waves.

While humans have proved good at designing their environments, we have also created an invisible ‘next nature’ that remains unseen and at times unpredictable. This prospect is alarming for some.

For the electromagnetically sensitive, this jacket can put you at peace with uncertainty, and take the fear out of exciting new technological developments. A 5G storm is coming, and we want you to look and feel great as you experience it.

Don’t be afraid to jump in data-filled puddles and marvel at lightning-speed connections - this jacket’s lightweight material blocks all radiation from the body. So, when you need to, place your phone in your pocket and relax - all signals will be suspended.

Designer: Rian Smolenaers

Visual of Signalproof Coat