Feeling grumpy and hungry? Unfortunately, the University of Tokyo's Happiness Counter refrigerator won't open up until you give it a big smile. The concept is based on the fact that smiling releases endorphins, but it seems like the pushy fridge is a quicker route to rage than to true happiness.

Via Buzzfeed.

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  • I can see the scenario: Say a person's child or mother or friend has died. Now, in order to make a meal that person has to smile at the refrigerator--every day, multiple times a day no matter how that person feels. The whole concept is perverted and ludicrous. People who have forgotten to smile or who cannot smile through grief-stricken periods in their lives do not deserve to be hassled by an appliance. But the sick premise made me laugh. I guess I'm still okay on the grouch-o-meter. I think I'll open the fridge & pour another glass of wine!

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  • swiz

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  • thats prty swiz if i do say so my self

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