According to the Daily Mail the smog in Beijing has become so thick that only place to hail a sunrise is on the huge digital commercial television screens across the city.

Last week the reading for particles of PM2.5 pollution was 26 times as high as the 25 micrograms considered safe by the World Health Organization.

In response to the poor air conditions Beijing's mayor pledged to cut coal use by 2.6 million tonnes and set aside 15 billion yuan to improve air quality this year as part of the city's 'all-out effort' to tackle air pollution.

Thanks Andrea Graziano.

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  • @Eddie, Indeed the televising of the sunrise is not a deliberate policy. I believe it is an accidental ironical image on one of the commercial television screens across the city. Hope that was clear to the readers. Can you link us up to the 'photoshop' material you refer to? I am still under the impression the sunrise was actually projected on the display (although not deliberately to compensate for the smog revealing the original sunrise).

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  • This was almost instantly revealed to be a fake photoshop, and a few seconds of checking would have revealed that. The actual screen is used to broadcast public health warnings and slogans.

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