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This 3D-Printed Structure Can Fold Itself

Charlotte Kuijpers
January 16th 2018
Researchers at the University of Technology in Delft have created flat structures able to fold themselves into three-dimensional constructions.

HUBOT: Meet the Organ Designer

October 27th 2017
As an organ designer, you develop genetic algorithms from which organs are grown to perfectly fit the recipient’s body, but also to meet the personal wishes of the patient.

Design Your Own Vegetables

Ruben Baart
September 19th 2017
With her project Future Food Formula, food designer Chloé Rutzerveld is looking for innovative methods to design vegetables.

3D Printed Ovaries

Julie Reindl
June 30th 2017
3D printed ovaries help infertile mice to have a healthy offspring.

Plastic Exoskeletons for Turtles

Nadine Roestenburg
February 25th 2017
Antonio Esparza designed the TurtleBag: a 3D printable exoskeleton to help turtles distinguish plastic bags from jellyfish and extend their lifespan.

Rethinking 3D Printing for the Future

Nadine Roestenburg
December 27th 2016
Additivism is a movement that calls for radical rethinking of new technologies, such as 3D printing, the plastification of the world and our human position within it.

Growing Drones From Chemicals

Ruben Baart
July 15th 2016
Researchers are experimenting with a new technology that would be able to grow drones from chemical compounds.

3D-Printed Shell to Save Tortoise’s Life

Margherita Olivo
May 26th 2016
A severely injured tortoise was saved by a team of doctors thanks to a 3D printed shell.

Listening to 3D Printed Records

Alexandra Bremers
November 4th 2015
Let's enjoy some 3D-printed records!

Analogue vs Digital: 3D Printing

May 13th 2015
In both vases pictured, you can put your flowers in water. The manufacturing process is the analogue/digital difference.
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